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Shokunin Static Site Generator (SSG)

The fastest Rust-based Static Site Generator (SSG) for building professional websites and blogs

$ cargo install ssg

Installation Guide Quick start

Shokunin, the fastest Rust-based Static Site Generator (SSG)

Shokunin is a lightning-fast static site generator (SSG) that is optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and fully aligned with Accessibility Standards.

Why Choose Shokunin Static Site Generator?

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Building a website doesn't have to be complex or costly. Shokunin is the fast, flexible, and free static site generator that has everything you need to build your static site.


Powerful Features for Static Sites

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Shokunin is loaded with features to create stunning static websites:


Content-First Workflow

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Focus on your content while Shokunin handles the rest. Import from Markdown, YAML, JSON, TOML, and more. Clean, SEO-friendly URLs are generated automatically.


Built with Rust for Speed and Reliability

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Shokunin harnesses the power of Rust, a fast and secure programming language built for performance. Create your static site in seconds and deploy in minutes.


Get Started in 30+ Languages

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Shokunin is translated into over 30 languages, from English and French to Chinese and Japanese. Reach a global audience with ease.


Showcase Your Site Today

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Create beautiful blogs, landing pages, and websites with Shokunin's clean designs and flexible themes. The only limit is your creativity.

From simple Markdown to full HTML layouts, Shokunin has you covered. Start building your dream static website today!


Get Shokunin

Download the latest release ⧉, view the source code ⧉, or simply install Shokunin with Cargo:

cargo install ssg

Have questions? Contact us anytime for expert help.

Start using Shokunin now and experience the difference in static site generators →